Newsom’s “Moral” Baloney and Other 2A News

WHAMM, ZWAP, BAM!  The CA Globe’s headline on the speed with which GOC and the 2A community launched a legal assault on California’s newest gun law is right on the money – it’s a good piece and spells out exactly what is happening with the fight against SB 2.  We are stronger when we fight together, and joining forces with CRPA and the Second Amendment Foundation means we have a robust and dedicated legal team. JOIN US AS WE FIGHT THIS BATTLE IN THE COURTS!

And reaction to the Governor signing a garbage truck full of anti-gun bills continues to roll in – top law enforcement leaders have voiced strong displeasure and are very clear about how ineffective the bills will be on stopping any sort of crime.  Meanwhile, gunmakers legitimately fear there is an “expiration date” on their businesses here in California – GOC aims to make sure this does not happen.

Meanwhile, check out GOC’s latest where we speak to the abject arrogance of Governor Newsom spewing that he has some sort of moral authority as to why he signed so many anti-2A bills.  This is particularly rich because he and his Leftist chums could have passed a bill that would positively impact rising crime rates by restoring penalty enhancements for offenses committed with a firearm.  Read how this bill was snuffed out not once – but twice HERE.

Whamm, Zwap, Bam! Lawsuits Already Filed Over CA’s Newest Gun Control Laws | California Globe
GOA & GOF, CRPA and SAF are joining together in the crusade against tyranny.

GOA, GOF Join GOC in Suit Challenging CA’s New Anti-Concealed Carry Law | GOA
GOC and our 2A partners will always fight for CA gun owners and will never compromise.

Major CA Law Enforcement Decry New Gun Control Laws As Pointless | Fox NewWatch CA Assemblyman Lackey speaking about how ineffective the bill is.

CA Gunmakers Fear ‘Expiration Date’ In State That Doesn’t Want Them | CalMatters
“We felt like this business in CA has an expiration date. Every time they change a law and take something away, it takes another chunk out.”

Dianne Feinstein Dies, But Gun Control Will Linger | Ammoland
And believe it or not, her replacement may be worse….

Can CA’s Gun Industry Survive Newsom’s Assaults? | Bearing Arms
Newsom and the anti-gunners want businesses to fail and folks unemployed.

Fed Judge Knocks Down CA Mag. Ban, Again; Is Oregon Next? | NSSF
Hopefully, other mag bans start to fall like dominoes.

CA Doubles Tax on Guns/Ammo (At Least Until It’s Challenged) | The Truth About Guns
Taxing an enumerated right is blatantly unconstitutional.

CA City Buys Gun Store To Avoid Another From Taking Its Place | LA Times
Taxpayers’ money being used to stop a legal enterprise – outrageous.