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Our Next Move …

As you may have heard, the legislative ball was in the Governor’s court and he made his move. Out of the 12 ardently unconstitutional bills that were in his hands, he signed 6. While he vetoed a few, in an attempt to appease us, law abiding gun owners, he made a horrible move by signing the 6 that he did. (Click here to see the list of bills he signed and vetoed)

Now that the ink has dried and the liberal instigators of these over-reaching laws are smiling in their victories, the ball is now back in our court (although we can’t pretend we aren’t reveling in Senate President Pro Tem, Steinberg’s disappointment as SB 374 – Semi-Auto Ban was vetoed).

And what do we intend to do?

We plan on using every avenue granted to us by the California and United States Constitutions to fight back. Our Second Amendment rights are hanging by a thread and we are not about to let them go.

As we move into the battle ahead, we need to be strategic and unified, every step of the way. With our tri-fold plan in place, we are confident that we can and will make our voices heard. We will claim our rights and we will let the majority party know that we are not to be messed with.


Gun Owners of California is working with the top pro-gun attorneys in the state, along with the other leading pro-gun organizations, to determine our best approach in court. We are committed to raising money to contribute to the law suits pursued by ourselves, as well as the NRA.


We are doing research to determine if and how a recall would be plausible. We must consider the districts in which we could have a chance to significantly damage, if not win, a recall election. Keep in mind, as long as we hurt them, by depleting their wallets and distracting them from their priorities, enough to scare them just a little bit, then we can consider a recall election a victory, even if the outcome does not result in our candidate winning.

This coming year is an election year, which provides us with yet another opportunity to let our voices be heard. The more support we have to oust even a few of the anti-gunners from office, the greater our chances are of discouraging unnecessary, gun-grabbing legislation from being proposed in the future. We need everyone across the state on board for this effort. Financial support is critical, along with volunteers to call, write, walk, and promote.


Gun Owners of California will continue to be present at the legislative hearings that will arise in 2014. We will continue to raise funds to strengthen our defenses and lobbying efforts and to reach a broader base of freedom-loving Americans with the information and resources they need to get involved.

The next move in this battle rests on the help of everyone who believes in the Second Amendment, and in the freedoms established by our Constitution. It cannot be done by our staff alone; it requires your help today. Will you join us in this fight? We love our country and the opportunities this state has to offer. We cannot abandon the fight, and we will not be driven out by the anti-gun majority in place. We will stand our ground as long as we can. That is how we were founded as a country, and it is how we plan on protecting and preserving what makes this country great.

Will you consider contributing to Gun Owners of California to help us in these efforts?

Thank you for your time, your patriotism, and your consideration.

Sam Paredes, 
Executive Director, GOC


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