GOC: On Board Fighting Since the Case Was Filed

Federal District Judge Roger T. Benitez has done it again – with wit, wisdom, and Constitutional brilliance – he struck down California’s ban on standard capacity magazines.  Enacted in 2016, the law sought to criminalize the possession of such magazines, regardless of whether lawful individuals had legally acquired them before the ban came into effect.  GOC jumped into the legal fray (Duncan v Bonta) with a friend of the court (amicus) brief early in the judicial process.

In response to Governor Newsom stating that the Benitez’ ruling was “radical,” GOC’s Executive Director Sam Paredes said that it could very likely “spell the end” of gun control in California as we know it.  From the get-go, this law was blatantly unconstitutional – bolstered by a compost pile of lies about the use of standard capacity magazines. We are greatly encouraged that Judge Benitez understands the phenomenal historical significance of the Second Amendment to Americans today.”

Judge Benitez powerfully addressed this in his thoughtful decision There have been, and there will be, times where many more than 10 rounds are needed to stop attackers,” Judge Benitez wrote. “…Woe to the victim who runs out of ammunition before armed attackers do. The police will mark the ground with chalk, count the number of shell casings, and file the report.”  Read more about our recent court victories below:

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CA must stop wasting taxpayer money – the courts have spoken.

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***And, in case you didn’t catch this other great 2A news, the “Youth Gun Marketing” law has been blocked – this is HUGE!  GOC was hot on this case ever since the original bill was introduced last year.  To read the latest on this exceptional victory, click HERE and media reports below.***

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We’ll take every win we can get.

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2A news doesn’t take a vacation and the recent murder of Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Clinkunbrunner has many in the state reeling.  Governor Newsom and his Leftist cronies have left all corners of California vulnerable, because his tyranny has created a sanctuary state for criminals who become more emboldened with each day.  Awful as they are, read the details below.

As we’ve reported, 2023 has been a brutal year legislatively; for a full list of the bills that successfully passed both the Senate and the Assembly, click HERE.  Now, we are actively working on those new laws that we can legally challenge.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, Governor Newsom can be reached at (916) 445-2841 or HERE should you wish to express your opposition to the bills on his desk.

CA Legislators Pass Outlandish New Tax on Guns/Ammo | Zero Hedge
Sam Paredes, Gun Owners of California Executive Director and GOA/GOF Board Member, called Assembly Bill 28 “unconstitutional, and in not so many words, it’s proponents openly admitted the move was meant to harass gun owners and manufacturers because they’ve had record profits. GOA fully opposes this measure and is weighing legal action.”

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Gun control and leftist policies are clearly failing here in CA.

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Their version of a sensitive place is the entire state.

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Truth – pure and simple.

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If she handles this how she handled border issues, NO PROB!

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And Kamala Harris is in charge? Tough to take this seriously.

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