Sheriff Scott Jones Implements CCW Permit Process Enhancements


For Immediate Release                                                                                                               

December 20, 2016


Commencing immediately, with full execution starting in January 2017, the Sheriff’s Department will be implementing several modifications to the CCW permit process to make it more user-friendly, cost effective, and to reduce the amount of time that the permitting process currently takes.  The most conspicuous changes to the protocol are the following:

Greater Online Capabilities

The applicant will now submit initial paperwork and payment online through a web-based application.  This will result in reduced workload for staff, fewer chances for missing or incorrect data, and increased internal efficiencies in reviewing the files.  Additionally, applicants will only be required to have one office visit during their application process instead of two.  Finally, applicants will be able to monitor the progress of their application online.

In a significant enhancement, CCW renewals and modifications will now be facilitated entirely online, relieving a burden on permit holders and eliminating the need for several thousand in-person appointments per year.

New ID Card

CCW permit holders will now be issued a hard plastic card that will be easily identifiable as a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department CCW permit.  The new permit will also have the holder’s photograph prominently displayed, increasing both durability and security of the permit.

Modifications to How Payments are Handled

Fees for the CCW applicant will now be taken entirely online, and at the start of the process.  This not only allows greater flexibility for the applicant (who no longer has to obtain a money order), but it allows the Sheriff’s Department to start the lengthy process of obtaining clearance from the California Department of Justice at the very beginning of the process while our other internal process are underway, to reduce the time of approval and issuance by weeks or even months.  If the permit is ultimately denied, a portion of the fees will be refunded.

Increase in the Number of Permitted Firearms

The number of firearms an applicant or permit holder can identify on their permit will be increased from 3 to 5, reducing the need and frequency for modifications.

These modifications are being implemented to provide greater customer service, increase accuracy and efficiency in the process, and to significantly reduce cost to the Sheriff’s Department in facilitating CCW permits, a function which we are required by law to perform.

Sheriff Scott Jones