“St. Benitez” Strikes Again, Violent Crime Still Up in CA and More 2A News

In a week that’s been jam-packed with bad news, it’s always good to report when something actually goes our way – and we are never disappointed when Judge Roger Benitez issues a legal ruling on the Second Amendment.

His “saint” status once again confirmed, Benitez ruled that “In the United States, with its long tradition of gun ownership, there are no historical laws prohibiting simple possession of any type of firearm until long after the 1868 adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment. That is too late… Notwithstanding having significant time to do so, the State has identified no national tradition of firearm regulation so broad in its coverage or so far reaching in its effect as its extreme ‘assault weapon’ statutes.”
Thank you, Judge Benitez!

Also, check out the CBS Sacramento news report on why the violent crime rate in California is going up while it’s going down in the rest of the country.  Hey Governor Newsom – your policies aren’t working out so well, are they? It’s no wonder he didn’t respond to the findings in this report.  GOC is also wondering why on earth Newsom would travel to Israel – a country that’s literally passing out assault weapons to it’s citizenry so they are able to protect their homes and families – while Newsom is dong his level best to make sure we are disarmed in our home state. Outrageous…

And, in case you are wondering why lawsuits take so long to make their way through the court system, we have the answer for you with Gun Owners of America’s “One in the Chamber” – watch it HERE! As you know, both GOC and GOA are heavily involved in challenging anti-gun laws across the country, and this video explains why the process is so expensive and time-consuming.

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Chinese mass murderer Mao:  “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun…”

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