The Pro-Gun Left (HUH?) and More GOC News

The answer as to why anyone would ever need a rifle and a 30-round magazine is currently being broadcast on every network, cable and social media platform in the USA.  With the invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine by Russia, even the extreme leftist Occupy Democrats are celebrating that the Ukrainian government handed out over 10,000 automatic rifles to the civilians of Kyiv as they prepare to defend their homes against Putin’s tyrannical assault.

While we are obviously glad that their eyes have been opened as to the growing threat of an oppressive regime on the other side of the globe, they would do well to understand this can happen in their own backyard – which is precisely why we have a 2nd Amendment in America.  In fact, if the Ukraine had a 2nd Amendment, Vladmir Putin might not have put one military red toe across the border.  An armed citizenry is a guaranteed obstacle against tyrannical oppression – and occupation.  Read more below.

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WHAT? The Left of the Left is Now Pro-Gun? | Bearing Arms
They are actually tweeting support for the arming of citizens – with honest-to-goodness real assault weapons!

Ukraine and The Left Suddenly Embrace Civilian Gun Rights | The Truth About Guns
The hypocrisy of the left continues!

Ukraine Says It Has Handed out 18,000 Weapons to Citizens | Breitbart
Thankful US citizens are already well-armed with over 500 million guns.

Gun Safe Storage Law Takes Effect in San Diego County | NBC San Diego
FYI for all those in San Diego County.

Mountain View, CA Passes Mandatory Storage Laws | Bearing Arms
Another unconstitutional law passed by a local government.

“Red Flag” Challenge Passed Over By SCOTUS | Bearing Arms
But yes, there’s more to this story.

There Is One Main Reason Gun Sales Are So Strong | The Daily Caller
Great piece on rise of violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities.

American Gun Sales Continue To Surge, New Research Finds | Fox News
This explains the ammo shortages…

61 Percent of Gun Owners Believe Firearms in the Home Increase Safety | Breitbart
This, according to a recent survey.

The One–Two Punch; Attacking First Amendment To Get To The Second | NSSF
Gun control wants to stop you from hearing about guns to stop you from buying guns.