The WORLD Needs the Second Amendment

There can be no argument that events of this weekend further validate the supreme importance of the 2nd Amendment.  The images are as soul-crushing as they are barbaric, and what has happened in Israel is a cautionary tale that should make our blood run cold.  While Israel’s executive branch is eliminating gun control to empower its citizens against terrorists, our President is working to disarm us, making us more vulnerable to violent criminals.  Read below how Israel is expediting their firearm permitting process to allow its citizens to defend themselves and not be laid bare to slaughter.

And whatever you do, please check out GOC’s latest:  The Tyranny of Emergency Powers – In New Mexico and California.  We’ve had a front row seat on the dangers of a tyrant governor – and it seems the anti-2A governor of New Mexico has taken a page out of Newsom’s dictatorial playbook.

Israel Loosens Gun Laws After Unprecedented Terror Attack | The Reload
As the fatalities mount, Israel reverses gun carry restrictions.

Is Hamas Using Weapons the US Left Behind in Afghanistan? | RedState
Of course they are – thanks Joe Biden.

Gov Newsom Calls 10% Tax A “Sin Tax” | Concealed Carry Inc
Smoking and drinking are NOT constitutional rights.

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This great piece by Dave Workman exposes failed gun control here in California.

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The challenge of SB 2 will be one to watch.

Gov. Newsom Sends Gun Control Rubber Stamp to U.S. Senate | NSSF
His Senate appointee Laphonza Butler will carry on Feinstein’s anti-gun legacy.

A Troubling CA Trend: More Crimes With Guns As Restrictions Tighten | LA TIMES
This is more clear evidence that gun control does not work.

As LA Tries New Gun Laws, SCOTUS Readies To Undo Them | Santa Monica Daily Press
The courts are standing up to tyrannical politicians here in California.

Hunter Charge for ‘Minor’ Gun Crimes Shows Biden Doesn’t Control DOJ | Breitbart
This Hunter Biden fiasco is another example of media bias.

At US Shooting Ranges, More Women Pull The Trigger | Breitbart
Well done! We are darn sure this infuriates the anti-gunners.

Gun Control Can’t Replace a Healthy, Cohesive Civil Society | The Truth About Guns
As the saying goes: “An armed society is a polite society.”

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Read about how the iconic 1911 is now being fully retired from the U.S Military Service