TSA Snags Anti-Gun Legislator and Other 2A News

GOC knows that a lot of anti-gun politicians are all about guns when it comes to their own personal protection.  Case in point, just last week, Sacramento Democrat Assemblyman Jim Cooper was caught at the Sacramento Airport with a loaded gun in his luggage.  Cooper, who is currently running for Sheriff of Sacramento County and has a permit to carry a firearm, has earned an “F” rating by GOC for his consistent anti-gun votes while in the Assembly.  Even though he clearly supports his own right to carry a firearm, he does not support this right for the law-abiding citizens of California.  This is Leftist hypocrisy at its worst.

There’s a lot to digest this week – from the rising number of gun owners and the accompanying Leftist charge that we’re just a bunch of rural illiterates, to the uber-Leftist Trace admitting that San Jose’s gun liability ordinance is nothing but a farce.   Who knew?  We did, of course…

And as the horrific war rages in the Ukraine, check out GOC’s latest, where we shine a bright light on the hypocrisy of the anti-gun community:  “The Left Cheers Citizen Use of an AR-15:  Not in the USA But in the Ukraine” .  The double standard is absolutely incredible.


Anti-Gun Assemblyman Found With Loaded Handgun In Luggage | Sac Bee
TSA snags Assemblyman Jim Cooper and his personal firearm.

‘The Trace’ Reveals Lie of San Jose’s Liability Insurance Law | The Truth About Guns
The Leftist publication shows the lie behind the law.

Skelton: CA Gun Laws Are Irrelevant If Not Enforced | Los Angeles Times
He’s right but misses the bigger point that it’s the criminals – not the guns.

CA County’s Pandemic Gun Store Closures Get New Review By 9th Circuit | Reuters
A clear constitutional violation; hopefully, the 9th makes the right call.

Under Cover of Darkness U.S. Senate Passes New Gun Control Laws | Ammoland
John Crump on the latest sleazy political maneuvers.

House of Reps Passes Gun Control to Override State 2A Sanctuary Laws | GOA
Supposed “2A supporters” voted for gun control – they must be held accountable.

GOA Files in US Supreme Court to Review ATF Bump Stock Ban | Ammoland
GOC’s federal partner is making the big moves on the Bump Stock Ban.

Gun Sales: More Diverse Buyers Shift Firearm Culture | CS Monitor
But the Left still considers us a bunch of illiterate yokels.

Canada’s Trucker Response Foreshadows Gun Confiscations | NSSF
Heavy-handed response shows who the real fascists are.

20 GOP Senators Warn DOJ, ATF On “Secret Guidance” | Bearing Arms
ATF & DOJ are violating the constitution…What else is new?

Tiny Texas School District Allows Teachers To Carry Guns | The Daily Wire
Great to see properly trained teachers ready to defend themselves/students.

How ‘The Onion’ Became  A Strong Voice for Gun Control | The Daily Beast
No surprise here as the leftist anti-2A media pushes their agenda.

Alec Baldwin Seeks to Avoid Liability in Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting | NY Times
He denied culpability in the killing of a cinematographer.

Gun Control Hypocrisy On International Women’s Day | Truth About Guns
Gun control is hypocritical on every day.