doj-sealWhile the rest of America is experiencing a refreshing breath of freedom and hope, behind California’s razor wire we are facing a full-on Constitutional attack – and the Second Amendment is the primary target.

While many of us were likely enjoying family and friends for a Christmas celebration, the California Department of Justice was playing Scrooge and issued emergency regulations regarding the new laws on firearms magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

It should come as no surprise when regulations that limit public input and are drummed up in haste would be fraught with problems.  They were an awful mess – what’s more, there was no emergency that required the use of a “special” process which actually permitted the Department to limit the public from weighing in on regulations.

We know that gun owners throughout the state reacted swiftly and negatively – there was a collective protest about the DOJ’s heavy handedness so on Thursday December 29th, 2016, they pulled the regulations from consideration.  This means that all current and existing rules on magazines remain the same as they were before the passage of the legislation and the initiative.  There is an exception, however, in that all legally owned and grandfathered magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will be illegal to possess unless converted to 10 rounders, taken out of state, turned in to law enforcement, sold to licensed dealers or destroyed. What happens from here is anybody’s guess. To read the regulations that were pulled back, go to https://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/firearms/regs/lcmp-text-of-regs.pdf

But there’s more to the DOJ and their version of rule-making:  on Friday December 30th, 2016, they took it upon themselves to EXPAND the definition of a California Assault Weapon by saying that if you register your “Bullet Button” gun as California Assault Weapon, you will not be allowed to replace the bullet button with a standard magazine release button.  GOC believes this falls far outside their legal authority and will not let this stand without a fight.  See regulations here: https://d3uwh8jpzww49g.cloudfront.net/sharedmedia/1509343/12-30-doj-proposed-assault-weapons-regulations.pdf.

Gun Owners of California is working with our Second Amendment partners to launch an all-out effort to fight on every front.  We have already begun making the rounds at the Capitol and will confidently inform the legislators that their previous efforts to strangle the Second Amendment will be challenged in our state and nation’s courts, and that we are ready to take any new anti-gun proposal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court as well.  And, we plan on reminding them with a smile on our face that with the election of President Trump, the new U.S. Supreme Court will support the Constitution and will be paying very positive attention to the importance of the Second Amendment.

The fight will continue to be a three-pronged series of battles in the legislature, the courts and the elections.

Those who continue to oppose us in Sacramento will soon learn that their “absolute power” will not be enough to win the battle on the Second Amendment.  The road will be a rough one (remember – it takes time and money to bring cases before the courts) but we are confident there will be positive outcomes as long as we can count on support and resources from our members and friends.

Stay Armed and Informed with Gun Owners of California.