Why Does GOC Support the Newsom Recall?

We Must Speak In Defense of the 2nd Amendment – And a Host of Other Issues

This is our chance to shake up a system that has utter contempt for the law abiding and the 2nd Amendment. On September 14, 2021, we have an unprecedented opportunity to tell the elite hypocrites at the top of the political food chain that we have had enough.

This is how it works:

Each registered voter has been sent a pre-paid ballot.  Question # 1 is on whether to recall Governor Newsom.

Question # 2 asks who you wish to replace him. Select from the list of candidates.

Make sure your completed ballot is in the mail or delivered to your local registrar of voters by SEPTEMBER 14, 2021.

If more than 50% of voters say yes, Newsom will be removed from office. Then whoever has the most votes among the replacement candidates — no matter how few and even if they don’t win a majority — will become governor in late October for the rest of Newsom’s term.

To learn more about WHY Gavin Newsom must be recalled, check out the GOC blogs on this issue HERE.

As we have reported, we are not making an endorsement, which has been GOCCC’s policy for decades in races where multiple candidates have been verified as having a strong record on the 2A.  See available grades below.

Regarding the many inquiries we have recieved regarding Larry Elder, we contacted every top tier candidate in the Recall. Mr. Elder was sent a questionnaire twice and we reached out to him on multiple occasions. Given the significance of the 2nd Amendment – especially here in California – GOCCC, and the 2A community at large would certainly like to hear from him personally on this matter. Direct communication with candidates is vital to providing the most accurate information to our members, and we take this very seriously.

Yet, with the frenzy regarding who to support on Question #2, we can’t state clearly enough that a YES vote on Question #1 is where we must expend our efforts. Of course, who to replace Newsom is important, but the biggest obstacle of all is getting that YES vote over 50%. We have an unprecedented opportunity, and we mustn’t let the big bucks of Hollywood or the power of that negligent and pitiful White House drive election turnout. Please make sure your friends and families cast their ballots for some new blood in Sacramento.

BASED ON VOTING RECORDS AND PAST QUESTIONNAIRES RECEIVED BY GOC, the candidates below have received the following grades:

Kevin Kiley – A+

John Cox – A

Ted Gaines – A

**There are in-person polling sites that opened Sept. 4, plus drop-off boxes, with the exact number depending where you live. You can check your registration status here and can update your registration here.

For additional information, call GOC at (916) 984-1400 or email Laurie Paredes at laurie@gunownersca.com