Will California’s Massive Deficit Help Kill Gun Bills? Plus More 2A News!

Imagine this:  California’s MASSIVE deficit (thank you, Governor Newsom) may actually be responsible for killing some of the gun bills GOC has been actively opposing.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But of the 30 bills we are actively tracking, a full half have been set aside (on what’s called the “Suspense File”) because they cost a bunch of money which California doesn’t have.  CalMatters reports that Newsom projects a budget shortfall of about $56 billion over the next two fiscal years (OUCH!), which he plans to balance through $30 billion in ongoing and one-time spending cuts. That said, we are hoping the axe will fall on each one of these bills when they come up for a special “fiscal” vote this week.

But we still need everyone to head on over to our LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER to register your opinion with your elected Senators and Assemblymembers, because we are pushing especially hard against 4 bills.

Right now, AB 2917 is before the full Assembly and this bad boy expands the conditions under which a Gun Violence Restraining Order can be issued to include highly subjective criteria such as what some call “violent” speech – such as an American flag on a pick-up truck (for those who may have missed the testimony on this bill, check out how GOC’s Sam Paredes schooled Assemblyman Phil Ting HERE.) The other 3 bills – AB 3064, SB 1038 and SB 1253 are on the Suspense File.  PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD! JOIN US!

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