Talking to Media

If a reporter calls you for questions regarding an issue or incident in your area, you have every right to decline to comment.

If you want to comment, you have every right to ask them a few questions prior to responding, in order to allow yourself time to prepare for the interview.

Suggested questions to ask the reporter:

  • What is the subject of this interview?
  • What is your deadline?
  • Who will be conducting the interview?
  • What is the topic of the article, interview, etc?

If they want an on-camera interview, set a time for them to come to your store, allowing yourself time to prepare.

If they want a phone interview, then ask them if you can call them back, after preparing your comments.

Contact GOC at (916) 984-1400 to get talking points and assistance in creating a message in sound bite form. Our Executive Director, Sam Paredes, will do everything he can to help prepare you for the interview. After normal business hours you can contact Sam directly on his cell phone (916) 717-0908 for assistance.

Helpful Tips (if GOC is unavailable, or you do not have the time to prepare):

  • Stay on subject
  • Keep your responses short (so that they cannot be edited or taken out of context)
  • Do not try to be humorous or provocative unless you are supremely confident in your facts and the subject matter.
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J.K. Benson