Tips for Working with Legislators

628x471Legislators are busy people and for the most of them time is a most precious commodity. Don’t waste it! Here is some good advice to follow:

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Know the issues and your legislator’s particular interests. 
Write, call, or visit your legislators and their secretaries to introduce yourself. Let them know who you represent and volunteer to keep them informed about your issues, their impact on your community and on the legislator’s district.

Add the legislator’s name to your mailing list and ask to have the name or your organizations added to the legislator’s mailing list. 
Make sure the legislator receives notice of and invitations to special events. This serves as a reminder of your organization’s role in the community.

Invite legislator’s and perhaps their spouses to tour the premises of your facilities, project, etc. Show them exactly what your organization does and how it contributes to community well-being. 
Be alert for photo opportunities, notes for newspapers, media events and the like.

Invite legislators to write a message, article or letter for your organization’s newsletter or other publications. 
Keep a background file on your legislators, including special interests and personal profiles.

Give public recognition to deserving legislators through awards or honorary lunches. Give credit where credit is due and always say “THANK YOU” . 
Attend events, social and other types, at which legislators will be present — not to lobby overtly, but to get acquainted and make them aware of you as an active member of the community.


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