DOJ Assault Weapon Draft Regulations REJECTED – For Now

Is it any surprise that the Department of Justice – when given a “regulatory” inch decides to take a mile and then some?

Not to us.

Yet that is exactly what they did with their “draft” assault weapon regulations which were recently submitted to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), and we are pleased as punch they got their hiney whacked.  And it’s oh-so-nice that it was done somewhat publicly (even though it didn’t get media attention).

Sometimes even those with a lot of political fire power take things to an extreme, like DOJ’s decision to create over 40 new and confusing definitions in their proposed regs.  But they didn’t stop there – they decided to move even more firearms into the “assault weapon” category, because things just weren’t crazy enough!  And, the fact they have no legislative authority to engage in such nervy shenanigans didn’t stop them one bit – which might be the reason why the OAL DENIED the request to publish the new rules.

As we reported since all this baloney began, DOJ had plenty of time to come up with how they wanted to register/administer/regulate bullet button and assault weapons.  HOWEVER, they refused to make the language public once they finally submitted their plans to the OAL.  GOC said then – and we say it now – that the proposed regs were most likely kept from public view to circumvent and delay anticipated criticism. Ultimately, the issue was forced via a Public Records Act request and “demand letter” that charged such concealment was a violation of law.  The regulations were then magically released. Surprise!

All this to say that the Department of Justice has not behaved in a manner that instills confidence – neither in their internal decision-making, external procedures nor in matters of public policy.

Historically speaking, government agencies (no matter if it’s a tiny city or a federal behemoth) tend to run amok when unchecked.  This is the case with the DOJ and we have no doubt they will find their way around this embarrassing setback.

Given that Governor Brown just signed a budget trailer bill which extends the deadline for the assault weapon registration, etc., to July 1, 2018, DOJ will now have more time to write regulations and for gun owners to decide how they intend to comply with the law. Sounds reasonable, right?  GOC testified in opposition to this bill (AB 103) last week because it also strikes down the gun rights of any citizen who has an outstanding warrant, regardless of whether they knew one had been issued. No day in court, no conviction necessary. Slick, eh?

This is an obvious violation of constitutionally protected right of due process and turns justice on its head. The Governor just signed AB 103 so to quote our Executive Director, “This is ugly, but it is what it is ….”

We have an epic battle on our hands that continues to rage.  Please join us!  Make an additional contribution to our efforts by clicking here!  And stay armed and informed with GOC.  More monkey business is just around the corner…