THE LEGISLATURE: The Gavel Slams Down

The gavel has officially signaled the end of the first half of the 2023/24 Legislative Session and we can report the full damage the Left has done to our gun rights.  The following bills were passed by both the Senate and the Assembly and have been sent to Governor Newsom’s desk for his signature – or veto.  Of course, the likelihood of any veto from Newsom is slim – but we have notified his office of our strong opposition, which you can read on our “GOC Speaks” dropdown under the Legislation tab on our website. Should you wish to register you opposition as well, Governor Newsom can be reached at (916) 445-2841 or HERE.

Clearly, it’s been a brutal year; believe it or not, we began the year tracking almost 50 bills and we are left with a pared down, albeit awful list.  This doesn’t mean we will stop running interference between the responsible, lawful gun owners and the tyrants who are intent on robbing us of our rights.

AB 28 | Gabriel (D)
Creates expansive, new excise tax on both firearms/ammunition sold in California.

AB 574 | Jones-Sawyer (D)
Mandates gun buyers confirm/check possession of all owned firearms on DROS form.

AB 725 | Lowenthal (D)
Redefines a firearm to include frames, receivers and precursor parts for the purposes of reporting lost or stolen guns.

AB 1406 | McCarty (D)
Permits DOJ to delay delivery of a firearm for 30 additional days.

AB 1420 | Berman (D)
Grants DOJ more authority to inspect and assess fines on gun dealers.

AB 1483 | Valencia
Expands 30-prohibition on the purchase of firearms to include precursor parts.

AB 1587 | Ting (D)
Mandates retailers to assign a special “code” indicating gun purchases.

AB 1598 | Berman (D)
Requires DOJ to update safety test form with “risks” of owning a gun.

SB 2 | Portantino (D)
Massively restricts the ability of CCW holders to carry in most areas of the state by establishing “sensitive places” criteria.  **LAWSUIT FILED.

SB 368 | Portantino (D)
Mandates that temporary transfers of a firearm for storage to prevent a potential suicide to be limited to that of a licensed dealer.

SB 452 | Blakespear (D)
Prohibits a licensed firearms dealer from selling, offering for sale a semiautomatic pistol unless it has been verified as microstamping-enabled.