Fundraising Committees

As a non-profit lobbying organization, we function solely off of membership contributions and fundraising events & raffles held throughout the year.

Each local committee organizes a fundraising banquet alongside the Gun Owners of California Team. The committee is a critical part of any fundraising event, because they are the ones working their networks to help grow the overall GOC network! We need volunteers to sell tickets, post banners, gather donations, and spread the word about their events.

Are you ready to join us in this fundraising effort? Would you like to join an existing committee in your local area to help sell tickets and gather donations for the annual fundraising banquet near you? If there isn’t already a committee in your area, would you like to start one?

I want to learn more about joining a GOC Fundraising Committee!

  • We have a few pre-existing committees that are always looking for new members who are willing to help put on an even better event!
  • We would also like to start some new committees around the state, so if you would like to help us get a new event off the ground in a new area, please let us know!
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