Shannon Watts Gives Up on Congressional Run

Thank heaven for small favors.

Shannon Watts, anti-gun zealot and left-wing media darling has abandoned her run for Congress, so the founder of Moms Demand Action says she’s ready to double down on her gun control agenda.  The question is, does double down mean double the lies?

This has never happened. Data shows it doesn’t happen.”
Shannon Watts on defensive gun use – 2014

Watts tested the political waters in Colorado and obviously didn’t like the temperature, and this week the Denver Post reported the “gun-control advocate… has decided against running to replace U.S. Rep. Jared Polis in the 2nd Congressional District, saying that she wants to stay focused on her work with her Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America organization instead.”

“Our moms looked out the window and suddenly all of these people were standing outside and they were armed and it was because of our moms – and seeing people intimidate you with guns, that’s something the Taliban would approve of, and not what our Founding Fathers intended the 2nd Amendment to do…”
Shannon Watts on a peaceful Texas demonstration  that she called “gun bullies”
MSNBC 2013

All in all, it would have been interesting to watch some campaign fisticuffs with the several fellow Democrats who have filed – but maybe that’s one of the reasons she chose not to jump into the hot political water.  While she may be known for tossing anti-gun bombs into public discourse, her reputation for “ducking and running” is legendary.

There is a “mass shooting every day” in the United States
Shannon Watts, November 2013, MSNBC

The woman who equates all us gun nuts with the Taliban refuses to go toe-to-toe with those who have debunked her data, yet she has made it her personal mission to smear pro-gun advocates.  While she may dismiss being called out by those who are right leaning, being challenged by in her own party could have done some serious damage to her public persona and overall credibility. Maybe that’s why she decided to step aside, but to defer to a group of, gaspmen must make her crazy, especially given her frenzied panting about the evils of misogyny.  How could she turn her backs on all those moms who she said were “hoping a female candidate enters what is currently a race of all-male candidates…” 

Curious, that.  Maybe she’s grown tired of playing the victim-woman card.  Nah

“Moms Demand Action volunteers face sexism and misogyny every day advocating for common sense gun safety, but it only increases our resolve and reminds us why it’s so important to keep demanding that women and survivors of gun violence get a seat at the table.”
Shannon Watts in refinery29, 2017

“Anyone notice that the people Trump wants to help are white?”
Shannon Watts Twitter feed, 2017