Making a Buck from Tragedy: Shame!

Several days ago, GOC sent out an email to our members calling attention to the anti-gunners’ profit-mongering in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  They did the very same thing after the massacre in Las Vegas.  These horrific events shouldn’t be a one-day news story, nor should the fact that some are trying to make a buck from tragedy.

Victims hadn’t even been removed from the little Texas church or the gritty Vegas pavement and yet the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety wasted no time taking to social media to beg for money.  They’ve clearly taken a page from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s questionable observation about not letting “a serious crisis go to waste” because “that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”  Like what?  Raise money? Go after law abiding gun owners because it’s easier than addressing the issue of evil and mental health?   This is rich coming from the head politician of one of America’s most dangerous and deadliest cities (over 500 murders to date in 2017).

Not only are the swamp creatures trying to make money off human devastation, they are actively mocking those who are praying for victims and their grief-stricken families.  Anti-gun advocates and supposed entertainers have blamed Republicans, called our President a “pig” for invoking God rather than gun control, and rather than pray for victims, think we should pray to “wake the #$@! up”

These ugly comments follow nicely on California’s Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon’s remarks that GOC (and other advocates) are responsible for the carnage in Las Vegas: “The police say the shooter appeared to have acted alone. That’s not true. Every gun lobbyist and the politicians who do their bidding were all in that room with him…”

We stand by our statement that something is seriously wrong here – and it has nothing to do with the number of guns in America – but everything to do with evil in America.

We stand by our call for gun owners to be prepared, because that’s one of the most effective – and meaningful ways to make certain something like this doesn’t happen again.  Politicizing and trolling for dollars just leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

We’ve shared information about Sheepdog Seminars – a group of security professionals with both law enforcement and military credentials, who offer training on being prepared.  With a nod to the natural born disposition of a sheepdog to protect, it’s a fitting metaphor to describe someone concerned for the welfare and safety of others.  Their entire goal is to build a community of leaders who are called to protect others, and even though their initial focus was on faith based properties, what they do is not limited to churches.  They teach what it means to be a sheepdog wherever one is – the church, the school, the mall, the theater – anywhere and everywhere.

We all need to be sheepdogs. 

wolvessheep, and sheepdogs. Most people are sheep – and there’s nothing wrong with that. They love peace and quiet, and they are not likely to rise to the occasion should violence strike.

Another kind of person is a wolf. Wolves can be vicious. They will attack a person just because they want their wallet, or choose to rape their daughter. They are evil.

Fortunately, there is a third kind of person in the world: Sheepdogs. Sheepdogs love peace, too. However, they are aware that there is evil in the world. They know the wolves prowl about. They do not crave violence, and wish the world was free of its wars and riots. But they know that heaven with its glory has not yet arrived. And until it does, the sheepdog will take his/her stand against violent people (wolves). 

GOC will never stop hammering home the importance of being prepared and staying armed and informed – and we mean this both literally and figuratively.  Stay armed with the truth – don’t let the Leftists manipulate facts.  Stay armed so you can protect yourself and loved ones.  Stay informed as to who saw dollar signs instead of heartbroken families, because these are the folks who are working overtime to make sure you are left defenseless.

**To check out the work of Sheepdog Seminars, click here.