GOC Making Lawsuit Waves and Other 2A News

GOC and our dedicated compatriots have been very very busy the past few weeks – wading deep into the legal waters so that we may battle against those forces that seek to res our 2A rights – CHECK US OUT!

CA Carry Case Could Have National Implications | Bearing Arms
It sure could! GOC has joined CRPA v. LASD on this critical lawsuit.

SoCal Cities Take Aim at New Gun Stores | Bearing Arms
SoCal cities continue to blame gun stores for gun violence.

Newsom Reveals Shameful Political Calculations in Great Debate | NSSF
Larry Keane points out how Newsom cares only about scoring political points.

Quarter-Million Israeli Gun Applicants Prove the Necessity of 2A | AmmoLand
The 2A should not just be limited to America but should be worldwide.

ATF Director: Gun Control Laws Don’t Apply to Criminals | The Truth about Guns
Tell us something that we don’t already know.Targeting good guys doesn’t work.

No, LeBron, What’s Ridiculous is Your Ignorance | Bearing Arms
Stick to basketball because you do not know much about politics.

Senate ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Fails Without Vote | The Reload
This is awesome news.

Mark Hamill Pushes ‘AW’ Ban After Handgun Attack | Breitbart
Actors should stick to their day jobs.

ATF Accepts 40,000 More Petitions Against Background Check Rule | Breitbart
Unelected bureaucrats seek to bypass legislative authority.

2A Rights Would be Lost Under Proposed Dem-Backed Bill | Townhall
We must oppose this GOSAFE Act at all costs.

Ammo/Gunpowder Prices Set to Increase in 2024 | RedState
Stock up while you can…

100’s Of NYC Bodega Workers Apply for Gun Permits Amid Violent Thefts | The Daily Wire
People want to defend themselves in Leftist-controlled cities.

Why Range Ammo Is A Bad Choice For Self-Defense Guns | The Truth About Guns
This is a good reminder to buy quality self-defense ammo, as your life may depend on it.