AG Takes Center State in Anti-2A Push

Once session shut down and the politicians left Sacramento for their districts, California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta took his turn to step into the anti-gun spotlight, today urging the US District Court for the District of Columbia to uphold the ban of firearms on public transit.  Beating his anti-gun chest and continuing to misstate facts about firearms, Bonta chooses to ignore the huge rise in crime on public transit across the nation – in Los Angeles there’s been a 25% increase, and Philadelphia, Portland and New York (whopping 65%) have faced huge jumps as well.  Read his statement below.

Bonta also took the opportunity last week to announce his newest project:  the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THAT? Flanked by a bevy of progressives, Bonta promised that he was “doubling down on California’s gun safety efforts” and “defending our commonsense gun safety laws in court.”  GOC has a lot to say on this matter – read about it here:  AG Announces New “Office” to Push More Failed Gun Policies and take note how Bonta continues to push dishonest data when it comes to firearm misuse.

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