The Legislature has spoken and now it’s up to the Governor

Bowing to the idols of the impractical, irresponsible and reckless, the legislative majority has once again demonstrated that – as a whole – they are a few peas short of a casserole.  Facts confuse them.  Decency evades them.  And concern for the safety of Californians is ignored by them.  It’s that simple.  Otherwise, why would they pass the following?

AB 7 / GIPSON / D – Prohibits the open carrying of an unloaded long-gun in unincorporated areas of the state.

AB 424 / MCCARTY/ D – Removes authority of school officials to authorize a CCW license holder to carry on school grounds.

AB 1525 / BAKER/ R – Requires additional statements on the dangers of owning a gun to be printed on the actual firearm packaging.

SB 464 / HILL/ D – Requires firearm dealers to install security measures such as concrete pillars in front of stores/and or vaults that meet certain standards – Big 5 Sporting Goods worked out a deal with the author to protect the interests of large retailers which removed their opposition but put smaller dealers in financial jeopardy. GOC continued to oppose even though it had gun retailer “support.”

SB 536 / PAN / D – Requires the Department of Justice to provide information on gun violence restraining orders to anti-gun the Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California; permits DOJ to cherry-pick who gets what data.

And as we warned, no bill is officially “dead” until the final gavel falls, which was the case with the dangerous SB 620 by Democrat Senator Steven Bradford.  The arm twisting and threats by the Democrat leadership proved too much for their weak-kneed colleagues and after initially failing by a significant margin, the bill unfortunately got the Legislature’s thumbs up. Mind-boggling though it may be, this bill actually gives courts the discretion to NOT issue mandatory sentencing provisions for the felony use of a firearm.  The double-standard on guns is a hazardous head-scratcher at best.


We were able to STOP SB 497 / PORTANTINO/ D, which sought to limit firearm sales to one gun a month per individual – for ALL firearm types AND AB 736 / GIPSON/ D which would have authorized the Department of Justice to impose a civil fine for a violation of firearms licensing requirements committed by a licensed firearms dealer. 

But we aren’t going to stop there.

We are employing a full-court press when it comes to the Governor Brown, requesting a VETO on all the above bills.

He’s going to be hearing from us, but he needs to hear from YOU, from your family and your neighbors.  The bills that are waiting for his signature will do NOTHING TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA – and in some cases, could cause serious harm.

Phone calls, emails and faxes are extremely important:
the above bills!  If the line is busy, keep trying!