GOC in the Media – Across the Globe

Where in the World is Sam Paredes?

The battle for our gun rights never ends here in California and 2017 was certainly no different.  The charge for increased gun control has amped up everywhere, and our Executive Director Sam Paredes has been at the tip of the spear defending our issue. He’s traveled from one end of the state to the other, speaking before a multitude of grassroot organizations, at rallies, at the Capitol – and has even made his way right into your living room and car.

In 2017 alone, Sam has been interviewed by:

Breitbart News
Sacramento Bee
KCRA TV Sacramento
ABC TV Sacramento
KABC TV Los Angeles
CBS TV Sacramento
BBC TV– United Kingdom
BBC TV – Australia
Telemundo/NBC Universal
Univision Television
LA Times
The Larry Elder Show
Huffington Post
Fox 40 TV – Sacramento
San Jose Mercury News
Santa Cruz Sentinel
KGO Radio San Francisco
KNX – Radio Los Angeles
KFBK – Radio Sacramento
KTHZ – Radio Sacramento
KHTK – California Sportsman
Capitol Public Radio
Modesto Bee
The Independent
The Blaze
KPPC Radio

As one call tell, many in the press corps have Sam’s cell on speed dial.  He’s a quick study on who will give our issue a fair shake – and who won’t.  We don’t necessarily expect them to carry the 2nd Amendment torch, but we think it’s perfectly reasonable to ask for some respect along the way.  Some give it – others don’t – which means they go on the naughty list and Sam likely won’t return a phone call.  That said, we think Sam covers the ground and the airwaves pretty well – reaching far beyond California with straight-forward talk about the 2nd Amendment, dispelling Fake News along the way.

Oftentimes, the media is more prone to ignite a firestorm of emotion when it comes to guns, yet Sam conveys a measured, insightful perspective to what can be a hostile dialogue.  He has been a featured speaker at UCLA where he’s been lauded by University professors for bringing an informative and educated response to the table.

In addition to previously mentioned media outlets, Sam has also made appearances on MSNBC, ABC World News Tonight, FOX News and even Al Jazeera.  GOC will continue speaking the truth, in California and beyond our borders.