BREAKING NEWS! Gun Owners Files Amicus Brief to SCOTUS on NYSRPA v NY!

GOC, GOA, GOF Submit 2 Amicus Briefs to SCOTUS on NYSRPA v NY.

  • GOA/GOF “Friend of the Court” Brief:
    This ‘no compromise’ message strikes at the core of the most egregious gun control in the entire country and gun owners nationwide look forward to the Court ruling with the ‘text, history and tradition’ of the 2nd Amendment.  Read the brief HERE which challenges the “may issue permitting system” – and how a positive ruling could have enormous implications across the country.
  • GOC “Friend of the Court” Brief:
    Our brief ensures that the voice of America’s top law enforcement officials are heard loud and clear, dispelling ALL the bogus studies that lie about crime going up when Americans buy more guns. Read the brief HERE.