Latest Bill Mandates Annual Gun Registration and Fees

In a vindictive move designed to financially stick it to California gun owners, Senator Anthony Portantino has introduced SB 1160, legislation mandating the annual registration of firearms. In addition to the required yearly registration, SB 1160 would require the CA Department of Justice to establish fees necessary to maintaining “a system for the annual registration of firearms.”

“Senator Portantino doesn’t hide his revulsion for lawful gun owners,” said Sam Paredes, GOC Executive Director.  “Just last month following my testimony in opposition to his SB 54 (mandated safe storage bill) he looked directly at me and sneered “Just wait until you see what I’m going to introduce next.”

GOC has called upon 2A supporters to contact their legislators through our Legislative Action Center HERE.  Individuals will be directed to a form where they can easily communicate directly with their elected representatives and express their opposition to SB 1160.

There is an immediate need to create a robust  groundswell of opposition to this bill.  Portantino admits that SB 1160 was specifically designed to “give the state better data and help us understand how many firearms are in private hands and who owns them.”

GOC believes this is none of their damn business, nor should we be forced to pay a yearly “fee” for something that is a Constitutional right.

Portantino needs to take a good look at what’s happening in his own back yard – in Los Angeles County just last week four people were gunned down in a blitz of gang violence yet that didn’t seem to grab his attention.  He’s obviously more interested in putting the screws to the responsible and lawful than the criminals who misuse guns.

According to Portantino’s website, the bill requires that reasonable efforts be made to notify firearms dealers, owners, and the public about registration requirements. Plus, failure to comply could result in a penalty of $1000 per gun.