UPDATE: Newsom’s So-Called “Safety for All” Initiative Broadsided by the California State Legislature

With the passage of two bills by California State Senators and their subsequent signature by Governor Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 has been dubbed as “irrelevant” – according to Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon.

De Leon’s SB 1235 (ammo registration) and SB 1446 by Senator Loni Hancock (magazine ban) are similar to the Newsom ballot measure – and even if passed, the signed legislation will still trump the proposition.  Because of the unprecedented manner in which the bills were written and passed – and because there are legal wranglings as to what would be needed in order to statutorily conform both (should the initiative pass), we are on new and shaky Constitutional ground.

The devil is in the details – and just about everywhere else in this tangled mess.  Meanwhile, Newsom is continuing to raise money on a moot issue.

We’ve done our role, said State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon. Any individuals who want to further their own political interests, that’s their own business. But we have taken care of business and as far as I am concerned any ballot measure in the fall is irrelevant.