The Danger is Real

2014 Firearm Crime Stats and pie chart (002)


According to Attorney General Kamala Harris, in 2014 she can only account for a whopping 14 crimes committed with long guns in the entire state of California.  This must be why she’s signed on with the Legislature to ban future sales of almost all semi-automatic centerfire rifles by 2017 plus require that all existing semi-auto rifles be registered as California “Assault Weapons.”

That’s right.  There may be a day not far down the road when there will be NO semi-auto centerfire rifles in California.Sounds like a page out of some dictatorial Third World country.

The reality is this:  if the bills in question (AB 1663, AB 1664 & SB 880) pass, no one will be able to sell or transfer any existing semi-auto rifles to anyone, with the exception of a licensed California Assault Weapons Dealer (who would have zero market to sell them).  What’s more, when the owner of the firearm dies, the gun dies (no, you will not be allowed to pass the gun down to your family members) – literally and figuratively.  It must be turned in to the police or destroyed.

Those who believed that their Ruger Mini-14s, Springfield M1As, Kel-Tecs, and even
Browning BAR hunting rifles (plus others) were safe from the California Assault Weapons Act, you aren’t.  Why? Because the liberals who control all things political believe wholeheartedly that you are a danger to society.  Thus, you will be required to register those rifles as “assault weapons” and all the constraints and prohibitions that go along with such baloney will apply.  Additionally, firearms equipped with bullet buttons will no longer be able to be defined as having a non-readily detachable magazine because…why?

Because  “they are designed only to facilitate the maximum destruction of human life,” according to SB 880 author Senator Isadore Hall.

This means that literally millions of modern sporting rifles based on AR or AK platforms will be illegal.

The libs are not just fiddling around on the edges with our rights, folks.  They are taking dead-aim at us, so it’s time to BE ARMED AND BE INFORMED.


  1. Neil Wampler on February 9, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Based on the data for long-gun attacks ( that is, ALL long guns, not just military patterns) this proposed ban is a complete waste of time. But of course increasing public safety is not the goal of Harris, or Hall . A disarmed and defenseless citizenry is the heart of their agenda, and they have correctly identified those arms necessary for the security of a free state as the big obstacle. Could the dangers of gun registration be more starkly illustrated ? Are the background check records destroyed as required by law ? Check out making an 80% AR or 1911 – no background check or registration , all “Over the counter” with no questions asked………..

  2. Lawrence Miller on February 9, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    I don’t know if this Attorney General of California knows it but Maryland’s rifle ban was defeated in court recently and so wake up YOU STUPID WOMAN, GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN.

  3. Neil Wampler on February 10, 2016 at 2:38 am

    Lawence…..Harris is fully awake, is not misinformed, and knows exactly what she is doing – and besides she’s probably a lousy cook . These people are DOMESTIC ENEMIES and the sooner we wake up to this fact the better.