5 Degrees to Domination.flag

Sounds ominous but it’s not – think of it as an extraordinary possibility.

Did you know that in the last election, our statewide voter turnout was just a tad over 42%?

Did you know that if roughly half of California gun owners had actually voted, we would have made more than just a dent in the liberal legislature – you know, the one that is intent on video-taping each firearm and ammo purchase?  The same group that’s zealous about “out anti-gunning” each other – the ones who want to limit all gun purchases to one a month?

Yes – we could have made more than just a dent.  We could have taken over the place!

GOC is eager to do just that – elect pro-gun men and women who will turn the tide against us – into a wave of support for us.  But how can we do this?  How can YOU do this, being just one person?

It’s called 5 Degrees to Domination and it works like this:

1 person gets 10 people to register to vote.  Those 10 people get 10 people.  Do this five times and BAM – we could have over a million pro-gun voters identified – regardless of party affiliation. If your friends are already registered, then get them to commit to being a 2nd Amendment voter.

Are you in?

The 2016 election is like none we have witnessed in our lifetime.  We are in a profound struggle because there’s been a quantum leap in the gun control movement.  Let’s stand votefor the generations that will follow us and let’s begin to think of things this way:  if every gun owner took the time to vote – and encouraged their friends and families to do the same – we would have the power to put an end to this assault on our rights.

Are you sick and tired of being portrayed by the media as a wild-eyed, anti-government nut who lives in the backwoods with an arsenal?  Or likened to a terrorist?   We are the backbone of this nation – we love our families, our homes, and deserve the right to protect them from a rising rate of big-city homicide and ever encroaching gang activity.  They don’t see our civil right to self-protection as somehow…worthy.

That being said, an uninformed voter is a dangerous one – which is why we are encouraging every gun owner out there to become armed – and informed.  And then we want you to VOTE.

We’ve made it easy for you – you can register online here.  And to make certain that “life” doesn’t get in the way and keep you from actually getting to the polls on Election Day, consider becoming a “permanent absentee”.  This means a ballot will come directly to your home before the election – all you have to do is fill it out and drop it back in the mail.  It’s really as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Will you stand to protect your future?  Our future? Register to vote – and while you’re at it, join us! Join ProJect ProTect!