What’s More Terrifying: An Armed Teacher or Active Shooter?

What’s more terrifying?

Your kid facing a deranged teenager with a gun, or simply knowing someone on campus is well trained and oh, by the way, armed?

That should be an easy call, but for some bizarre reason, a lot of people are more fearful of someone prepared to protect their children than they are of what could actually happen in a “gun free zone.”

For the parents (and non-parents, too) at GOC, this is a no-brainer.  There are a lot of things in the world that are scary but a person specifically trained to protect kids surely isn’t one of them.  Conversely, a maniac intent on mowing down as many students as he has bullets is something that should shake each parent to their core.

Parents, school employees and administrators alike need to move beyond the knee-jerk reaction that seems to come with arming teachers and instead hone-in on which is the more terrifying proposition.  What would you rather have your kids encounter?  A good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun?  This is not quantum physics here – it’s an elementary proposition and the illogic of the anti-gun fear factor doesn’t make sense – particularly when recent tragedies were less deadly because of an armed individual.

Sadly, in the aftermath of very recent tragedies where innocent kids were gunned down, it’s business as usual with the left pointing their ugly little fingers everywhere but at the bad guys.  And as is their norm, they go so far as to blame the gun rights community.  Their head-in-the-sand ignorance of human behavior is mind-blowing.

We want to be perfectly clear – we have no issue with folks who don’t want to own/be around firearms.  We do take issue, however, when those same people let their anti-gun bugaboos dictate how we choose to protect ourselves and families.  It’s irresponsible to pretend that evil does not exist and to leave our most vulnerable in an unprotected and defenseless state.  That a trained school employee is considered a riskier proposition than an active shooter on campus is stark evidence that a lot of people have lost their marbles.

The media certainly doesn’t help – political cartoons show bumbling teachers with six-shooters strapped to their hips, and then there is CNN, ever eager to stir the pot by falsely expanding the number of school shootings.  Clearly, there is an intent to stoke fear.  The CNN headline was deliberately misleading and the story ignored that the “shootings” included such incidents as a middle-of-the-night drug deal when no students were present and a little event with a bb gun.

Kudos to those states that have the political and practical courage to protect our kids and arm school personnel.


  1. LUIS GARCIA on May 20, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    All I can say is there’s plenty of evil out there and if people don’t want to be armed to protect them selves that’s fine. But when you impose your guilt and values on people who are willing to stand up and protect themselves and their families don’t stand in the way. As well when someone breaks into your house in the Night with a gun and shoot your wife or your husband or your children don’t bother to call the police cause they have guns it’s your choice. By the way by the time you called the police you’re already dead

  2. Mike Brumbelow on June 9, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    A teacher with a gun scares me too. Now that I’ve got your attention let me share my concerns. In CA, by far most teachers are liberal Democrats. You’re not going to get many voluntarily arm themselves and actually put themselves in harms way. Yes, you’ll get a few but no where near enough. No one discusses the liabilities that comes with an armed teacher. How much training will they receive? Who will be responsible for providing the training? How often will the refresher training be required? What firearm will be required? Who will own the firearm? Will the teacher be allowed to take the firearm home or will it be required to be kept at the school. What is the adequate student to armed teacher ratio? Then there’s the question of liability. What if a teacher makes a bad call and fires on an unarmed student whom the teacher thought was armed? What if the teacher hits an innocent bystander student. What about all the civil lawsuits as a result a bad decision by a teacher? The questions can go on and on. In my opinion Teachers should teach. Leave the protection of vulnerable lives to the trained professionals. This could open up new business opportunities for highly trained security providers. The possibilities could be endless.

    • L.A. Paredes on June 10, 2019 at 4:30 pm

      Even here in California, before this was prohibited, those school districts which permitted teachers to be armed under went strict training with law enforcement. This was not an option provided to just anyone.