Newsom and His Upcoming Anti-Gun “Friday News Dump”  

Word on the street is that Governor Gavin Newsom is planning a press conference to announce his signature on a pack of super nasty anti-gun bills.  And this is supposedly happening on Friday, two days short of his Sunday deadline of October 13, 2019.

According to the national blog PoliticalWire.Com, announcing “news” on a Friday is nothing more than an “attempt to avoid media scrutiny” which media insiders refer to as a “Friday news dump.” It’s such a “thing” that the popular television show The West Wing devoted an episode to the technique called “take out the trash day.”  It was a “thing” back during the show’s heyday and in spite changes in how news is transmitted today, it’s still a “thing” in real-life 2019.

Understanding this bit of broadcasting know-how, why then would anyone as media-hungry as Gavin Newsom plan a news conference on a Friday?  Anyone who wants top-of-the-line press coverage knows the best results come from a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday announcement – the premier days to get a story out.   Given that the media is more than eager to lap up Newsom’s “gun violence” hokum, this is curious.  Our governor has been on an anti-gun rant for as long as he’s been in the public eye (notice the term “public service” was not used) – he’s done a good job elbowing his way to the front of the gun-grabber line.  He’s been able to bump aside such fellow leftists as State Senators Kevin De Leon (former) and Anthony Portantino.

That said, the Friday news dump is interesting.  His poll numbers aren’t what he expected, so that may be why, but who knows for certain.  Jerry Brown had a tendency to do the same thing.  That being said, however, even if some are under the naive illusion that Newsom is waiting to sign (or veto) these bills because he’s been engaged in some deep policy thought, think again.  We are under no such misconception.  He’s in an eternal partnership with a a rabid legislature that is keen on destroying the 2nd Amendment. We are waiting to hear what action he will take (see list and our commentary below), but fervently believe with each signature, Newsom will have busted the door open for more legal challenges.  His unquenchable drive to drown the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not happen without a robust fight from Gun Owners of California.

AB 879 / Gipson [D]
Requires the sale of firearm “precursor parts” (individual parts that can be used to assemble a complete firearm) to be conducted by or processed through a licensed firearm “precursor part vendor.”  This bill will have no conceivable impact on gun crimes; it will simply make it more difficult for law abiding gun owners to acquire the parts needed to update, customize or repair the guns they legally possess.

AB 893 / Gloria [D]
Prohibits the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego; in signing this bill the Governor is defying the court that ruled public venues cannot be selective in deciding which legal activities can be allowed to use state owned facilities.  Plus, there is zero evidence that violence is escalated at gun shows.

AB 1297 / McCarty [D]
Requires the local licensing authority to increase fees on the issuance for CCW permits. This is a punitive and very specific personal jab at local sheriffs who are willing to issue CCW permits without charging a fortune or (rhetorically speaking) requiring applicants to surrender their firstborn.

AB 1669 / Bonta [D]
Doubles the fee for purchasing a firearm; funds can be used for purposes not related to background checks – the reason the fee was initially established.

SB 61 / Portantino [D]
This bill prohibits individuals from purchasing more than one gun (of any kind) per month. Without question, this bill will have the most adverse impact on California’s gun owners and will have the least impact on gun crime in California.  Gun Owners has consistently supported efforts to prevent the flow of illegal firearms, but there is no data suggesting someone who purchases two guns a month – or three guns for that matter – is a danger to society or engaging in illicit activity.

SB 136 / Wiener [D]
This bill deletes the law which imposes an additional one‑year term for each prior separate prison term or county jail felony term. This is one bill that reveals just how hypocritical the Legislature is:  they want to curb so-called “gun violence” yet are more than willing to reduce the sentences of felons who commit crimes with you guessed it: a gun.

SB 172 / Portantino [D]
SB 172 mandates that anyone convicted of the unsafe storage of a gun to lose their rights to possess a firearm for a period of ten years; also places unreasonable standard for senior health care facilities regarding resident firearm storage. This is a clear Constitutional violation of one’s 2nd Amendment rights.

SB 376 / Portantino [D]
This bill places unwarranted restrictions on how many firearm transfers an individual can conduct per year before being classified as a dealer.  This is yet another obstacle thrown in the path of the law abiding.   





  1. grayfox114 on October 10, 2019 at 5:32 am

    I left Calif 5 years ago after retiring as a deputy, because of the politics. My question for Calif gun owners and 2nd supporters: HOW MUCH ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE FROM THESE SOCIALIST BASTARDS? And for how long? And most importantly, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO about these transgressions on your God given rights? I cannot and will not advocate on social media what I feel the answer is, but I will say this: Filing law suits, depending on the NRA (when LaPierre and his band of thieves aren’t on safari) and waiting for the courts to do the right thing is playing right into the hands of your socialist masters. By the time the legal process runs it’s course, most of us will be dead and gone! Hell of a legacy to leave for our heirs. The people making and passing these laws are not playing fair, but they realize they are “fireproof,” untouchable and above the laws they pass. So why not play the game like them? Realizing that talk is cheap and I don;t live there anymore, I still get rankled when I see what is happening in my former home, what is happening to my friends and relatives, what I fear may spread from the once golden state!

    • Carol on October 10, 2019 at 7:57 pm

      I agree! California is my home state and I have a lot of family living there and wonder how much longer they will be able to.

  2. Michael Anderson on October 10, 2019 at 9:24 am

    Increasing CCW permit fees is definitely punitive. The goal is to arm law abiding citizens to protect themselves against criminals. The criminals themselves must be laughing out loud over this one because not one of them has a CCW. I have yet to read or hear of a CCW holder committing a crime using their carry weapon. This is just pure malicious behavior on the part of California government.

  3. tew on October 10, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Newsome is bravely taking California into the democrat socialist party and Californians apparently want this. Double the cost of gas, controlled power outages, banning the use of generators by people who are without power.

  4. Jeff on October 10, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    Never was or will be a resident of California but you don’t need to look very far to see the same vicious conduct. We have the start of Californication here in New Mexico. It’s time for people to Vote for candidates who support the Constitution and remember that they work for us. To those who forgot, they need to be removed.

  5. Edgar Murillo on January 11, 2020 at 6:14 am

    This guy is worse than jerry brown