Gun Owners of CA Joins 3 Crucial Legal Challenges

GOC Legal Engagement: 2 Amicus Briefs and a Full Challenge to the ATF

GOC is swinging for the fences in NOT ONE – NOT TWO – but THREE new court cases that challenge our ability to protect our homes and families.  In the wake of last summer’s NYSRPA v. Bruen decision, the anger of gun control fanatics has been burning HOT from one end of the country to the other and the legislative roadblocks they have thrown up to undermine the ruling is a disgrace. We aim to shove their unconstitutional thuggery back where it belongs and joining these lawsuits is the first step.

Gun Owners of California is pleased to announce that we have recently joined Gun Owners of America in amicus campaigns coordinated by the Second Amendment Law Center in Delaware and Hawaii – both of which could directly impact California as well as other states battling anti-gun forces.

No matter how many times the media and leftist politicians try to skirt it, the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision is a clear directive as to how individual states must handle gun laws.  Still – states like California persist in pushing legislation that undercuts Bruen, which is why GOC has joined with our 2A friends in fighting these schemes.


WE ARE WINNING IN THE COURTS, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE!  Engaging in the courts is a costly business – but it is well worth it. Please consider supporting the valuable work we are doing on behalf of all gun owners in California.  We are excited for these legal opportunities but we can’t do this alone.  Join us!


In Delaware, the brief will provide backing to three cases, each which challenge legislation that brands popular and widely-owned semi-automatic firearms as “assault weapons” and criminalizes their possession, sale, and transport.

In Hawaii, legislation was recently signed into law by their Governor which mirrors what has been pushed here in California (last year’s SB 918 and this year’s SB 2) that declares the majority of the state as a “sensitive place” – thus preventing lawful, responsible CCW holders from carrying.  Wolford v. Lopez seeks to overturn the most significant components of this proposal, and GOC is eager to lend our legal support.

Due to our extensive engagement in the judicial arena, GOC has earned the distinction as an “amicus brief wrangler.” These “friend of the court” briefs are essential because the attorneys for the parties in a case are not allowed to fund or participate in writing amicus briefs and therefore need a group such as Gun Owners Foundation and the Second Amendment Law Center to step in and offer assistance.

In the THIRD significant court activity, Gun Owners of America (GOA) filed a suit against the ATF on Tuesday over the agency’s rigid inspection guidelines for federal firearms licensees (FFLs) from January 2022 that makes it easier to revoke a gun store’s federal license.

GOC’s own Executive Director and Gun Owners Foundation board member Sam Paredes told Fox News Digital it’s “ridiculous that good people trying to make an honest living are facing this assault on their livelihoods simply over inconsequential paperwork errors.”

“GOF is proud to be lending our support in defense of Bridge City Ordinance and all of those small businesses facing devastating consequences if this Administration’s hostility towards firearms is permitted to go unchecked,” Paredes said.

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  1. Neil Wamplerxxxxx on July 17, 2023 at 7:22 pm

    The lib/dems are throwing hissy fits over Bruen !…Love it !…It’s a long slog in the courts. but GOC is doing very admirable work..I’ll chip in some $$$$