Legal Battle Over Privacy: Gun Rights Groups Sue California Over Surveillance Laws in Gun Shops

Richards v Newsom


On 12/19/2023, CRPA, GOC, GOA, GOF and SAF filed a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta.

This lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of California Penal Code Section 26806 (also known as “SB 1384” or “Section 26806”), which violates the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs by imposing Orwellian tactics by the state to view and overhear the private and confidential communications of anyone who enters a gun shop, gun show property, or home of a home-based Federal Firearm Licensee (“FFL”). Not only does Section 26806 violate the individual rights of those patrons, customers, family members, friends, clients, and the FFLs themselves, but also it chills the desire to exercise those rights for fear of being video and audio recorded in communications and situations that are confidential in nature.

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