California Pleads Ignorant, Hypocritical, and Just Plain Stupid

In a state that leans, or rather, takes a hard left on the political spectrum, particularly regarding the Second Amendment, the 2014 primary election proves ultimate hypocrisy (and significant ignorance) when it comes to the principle behind gun control. That is, of course, if there is any “principle” behind it at all, other than simply, control.

What is generally claimed as their reasoning behind the movement is to save the lives of the innocent and to reduce violence; as if removing guns will bring society into a perfect state of utopia, which would therefore establish world peace. Or something like that. However, what is rarely discussed by the main stream media and the liberal left is the evil that is so disgustingly present and the potential causes of such derangement.

While I could easily scribble reason after reason as to why I believe such deep seeded evil exists and why the assumed fix stated above is illogical, my purpose in writing this article is to focus rather, on the hypocrisy of the seemingly liberal persona maintained by this “great state”. California has long considered herself a trend setter for the rest of the nation … a notion that will get you ugly stares upon entering the midwest, but one we still proudly maintain. After just 2 short years of working in the State Capital, I witnessed numerous legislators plead for votes in order to pass a law that would eventually encourage the rest of the country, if not the world, to follow suit. Yes, it’s a very egotistical approach to legislation, but one that is regularly used nonetheless.

So, after our nation has suffered through 3 devastating shootings within just 3 weeks, it comes as no surprise that California is among the first states to introduce legislation that would, in the liberal’s opinion, “fix” the issues that enabled these 3 senseless shootings.

But, what makes absolutely no sense is how a state with such “conviction” managed to help a money laundering, gun running, suspended politician garner around 300,000 votes to become our Secretary of State. That’s nearly 10% of all the ballots cast!

Was it ignorance that got Leland Yee so many votes? Hypocrisy? Or just plain stupidity? YES. I argue that in a state that so desperately wants to strip law abiding citizens of their rights under the argument of safety, by giving a man as corrupt as Senator Leland Yee the ego boost that comes with 10% of votes cast (even if he didn’t win the race), it just cannot be done with anything other than ignorance, hypocrisy, and stupidity. In fact, it’s hypocritical ignorance and stupidity, given that people opine so passionately, but neglect to inform themselves beyond that which is discussed by the mainstream media.

While I can understand (yet won’t justify) a lack of knowledge of the primary election, what cannot be understood or explained is how those that did vote, did so with such ignorance. Either that, or they found it entertaining to vote for a man as corrupt and hypocritical as Leland Yee. That, I would argue is the “just plain stupid” part of the voting population.

Now, back to my original point about the “principle” behind gun control. If the liberal agenda (and all of its faithful, yet ignorant followers) really cared so much about the safety of society as a whole, in what world does voting for a corrupt man like Leland Yee fall under the category of “good principle”?

Unfortunately, the answer to that one is “California”.

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