52 Gun Raffle

Each year, we will give away one gun every week for 52 weeks. This is the biggest fundraising event of the year for GOC! Will you join in on the fight to protect and preserve the Second Amendment? By purchasing a $50 raffle ticket, you are not only joining us on the frontlines, but you are also entering for a chance to win a gun! What better way to defend your rights?!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Your Ticket for the 2015 52 Gun Giveaway TODAY!

Winning Tickets will be announced every Saturday morning by “California Sportsmen” Radio host Sep Hendrickson between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. on Sports Radio KHTK 1140 AM. 

Must be 21 years old to participate. Ticket holder must comply with all State and Federal Gun Laws. Raffle will commence on Saturday, January 4, 2014. Ticket Price: $50.00 each and only 1,500 tickets will be sold.


The winner for the last week in 2014, week 52, was Duane with ticket #1266!  Congratulations Duane on your new Benelli Supernova MAX4 Pump Shotgun in 12 ga.!!

WeekTicket #NameGun
1#1121RussFranklin Armory HSC-15/V4 223/5.56
2#1104TonyMossberg 500 Field Wood 12 Ga.
3#0622Tamy Ruger LC 380 .380 ACP
4#0076BrianRemington Versa Max Sportsman 12 Ga.
5#1292Eric Marlin XT-17V .17 HMR
6#0926RickS&W MP22 Pistol .22 LR
7#0166RobertWeatherby Vanguard Rifle .300 Wby
8#0814SheriRossi Matched Pair Shotgun/Rifle 20 GA/22 LR
9#1033CoryKimber Custom II Pistol .45 ACP
10#1373RayRemington 770 Rifle W/Scope .243 Win
11#0298Bill Franchi Affinity Black S/A Shotgun 20 GA/26”
12#0010MartinBeretta M9A1 Pistol 9mm
13#0165ButchRuger American Rifle .308 Win
14#1140KathyWinchester SX3 MAX4 S/A Shotgun 12 Ga.
15#1329BenBrowning Buckmark Camper UFX Pistol .22LR
16#0421Jim TIKKA T3 Rifle in .30-06
17#1027FrankWeatherby SA-08 S/A Shotgun 20 Ga.
18#1060Tom S&W 642 Revolver .38 Spl.
19#0464KevinWindham Weaponry WW-15 Rifle .223/5.56
20#0796FrankTristar Viper G-2 Black S/A Shotgun 12 Ga.
21#1193JosephSig Sauer 1911-22 Pistol .22LR
22 #0620 DwightRuger 10/22 w/CT Laser Rifle .22LR


 PeteWinchester Super X Pump Shotgun MAX4 12 Ga.
24 #0955 StaceyGlock 22 Pistol .40 S&W
25 #1135 MicahHowa Gameking Rifle w/Scope .25-06
26 #0414 JimStoeger Coach Gun Shotgun 12 Ga.
27 #0330 GabeTaurus M605 2” SS Rev. .357 Mag
28 #1283 DanMossberg 715T Rifle .22LR
29 #0182 GloriaBeretta A300 Outlander Wood 12 Ga.
30 #0329 NickCimarron Arms Frontier S/A Rev. .45LC
31 #0602 NickMarlin 336 CS Rifle in .30-30
32 #1049  JennyBenelli Nova Pump Shotgun in 12 ga.
33 #1257 JosephRuger LC9 in 9mm
34 #0261 MichaelGSG 522 Carbine .22LR 
35 #0429 ToddRemington 870 Tac pump Shotgun in 12 Ga.
36 #1157 KevinGlock 19 Pistol in 9mm
37 #0105 ShawnSavage Axis Rifle in .243 Win
38 #1017 JohnBenelli American M2 MAX4 Shotgun in 12 Ga.
39 #0590 FloydSig Sauer P238 1911 Pistol .380 ACP
40 #0591 FloydRemington 783 Rifle in .270 Win
41 #0614 EricHenry Lever Action Rifle .22LR
42 #0492 Eric R.S&W 686 Plus 7 SHOT Rev. 4″ .357 Mag
43 #0474 JohnRuger 10/22 Rifle .22LR
44 #0656 John V.Mossberg 930 JM Pro S/A Shotgun 12 Ga.
45 #1428 DarrenRuger LCR Rev. in .38 Spl
46 #0078 PatrickS&W M&P 15 Sport Rifle 5.56mm
47 #0659 John V.Glock 36 Pistol .45 ACP
48 #0700 DarrinRuger KNV-35 Vaquero 5.5” S/A Rev. .357 Mag
49 #0961 JoeBeretta 92FS Pistol 9mm
50 #0690 JenellATI Omni Poly M4 Rifle .223 Rem
51 #0195 LarryRemington 870 Pump Shotgun 12Ga.
52 #1266 DuaneBenelli Supernova MAX4 Pump Shotgun 12 Ga


Important Regulation Facts:


  • *All state and federal laws apply.
  • *California 10 day waiting period applies to all firearm transfers.
  • *Firearms will be awarded in the order as listed on the back of the ticket.
  • *There will be no substitutions amongst the gun list.
  • *Once a winning ticket has been selected it cannot win again.
  • *Each week’s winner will be notified by GOC and informed as to where they can pick up their firearm.
  • *Winner’s will be telephoned first and notified by mail if they cannot be reached.
  • *All firearm transfers must go through a licensed dealer.
  • *Winners must present winning ticket with identification to the dealer.
  • *Winner must be present to fill out required state and federal paperwork.
  • *Firearm can be picked up after completing waiting period for period of 20 days, which if missed puts the firearm into another 10 day waiting period.
  • *60 days total allowed to complete transaction or risk forfeiture of the firearm back to GOC.
  • *Weekly winners selected by random drawing will be announced every Saturday morning on KHTK 1140 AM by radio host Sep Hendrickson ( or his designee) during the “California Sportsman” radio show.
  • Should the show not air for some unforseen reason, the winner will be announced the following Monday and will be posted on GOC Inc’s website as well. www.gunownersca.com.
  • *In the event that fewer than 800 tickets are sold out of the 1500, this raffle will become a 50/50 raffle after expenses.
  • *50/50 Raffle Winner to be announced on Sep Hendrickson’s radio program.
  • *Any money received by GOC after all tickets have been sold will be refunded to the donor in full immediately.
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